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Grey Limbo
PVC Stage Plan Dumpster Fire Patch

PVC Stage Plan Dumpster Fire Patch

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We've all been there : I had meticulously crafted my stage plan, considering it a tactical masterpiece, rehearsing it in my mind. As the buzzer echoed, I went to work, but things began to unravel immediately. My confidence shaken, muddling my carefully planned sequence into an awkward dance between targets. In a moment of sheer panic, my hands betrayed me during the first magazine change, with the magazine slipping from my grasp, ricocheting off the ground. My carefully orchestrated symphony of moves was now a spectacle akin to a dumpster fire, with each new step fanning the flames of a new blunder. By the time I was finished my mental mistakes put me out of my misery, my carefully laid plan nothing more than a pile of metaphorical ashes. That’s what this PVC Stage Plan Dumpster Fire represents. 

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