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About Us

I turned my love of Graphic T-shirts into a part-time business 

How we became Kicked Hive Films

Kicked Hive Films is more than just a name—it’s a symbol of resilience, creativity, and personalization, deeply rooted in an unusual chain of events and nurtured by a love for storytelling, graphic design, and custom t-shirts.

Our founder, a combat veteran and a former Jumpmaster of the United States Army's 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, forms the core of our ethos. The lessons of discipline, resilience, and leadership learned during his service shape the essence of our company. Post-service, he channeled his passion into graphic design, culminating in a successful venture creating custom graphic t-shirts and aiding local International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) clubs with their Match shirts.

The origins of our unique name, Kicked Hive Films, come from an act of defiance. A group of trespassing kids, previously caught fishing in our founder's pond, returned to kick over one of his beehives in itself is a self correcting problem, this is not something you do twice. As a result, an idea emerged: the tumultuous incident mirrored the unpredictable, yet fascinating process of creating Logos, Logo Reveals and YouTube Video Intros. From this insight, Kicked Hive Films was born.

We integrate this 'kicked hive' spirit into every aspect of our work, whether it's crafting engaging logo reveals, producing captivating YouTube video introductions, graphic design, or creating custom t-shirts. Each project is a venture into the unpredictable, a dance with chaos and creativity, resulting in compelling narratives or designs that resonate with our audience.

At Kicked Hive Films, we place immense value on personalized, one-on-one experiences. We steer clear of high-pressure sales tactics and hidden up-charges. Our commitment is to work on your project until you are fully satisfied, living by the belief, "If you're not happy, we're not happy."

In addition to creating engaging video content, we extend our creative boundaries into the realm of graphic design and custom t-shirt creation. Every t-shirt or logo we design tells a story, just like our video content.

Join us at Kicked Hive Films, where we create dynamic visuals, design unique experiences, and make a buzz!


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